Welcome to Hillwood Primary School’s website!

It’s week 6 of our theme park challenge and we have a very exciting task for you! You are going to be taking on the role of director and making an advert for your ride! Watch the clip below then head on over to you class learning page for more details.


Happy #SchoolUniformDay! We hope you are joining over 60 schools across the city who are taking part in wearing our school uniform as we home learn today? Do share photos with us!We can’t wait to see you.



Click the link below for important information for nursery parents who have children moving into P1.

parent_carer 07052020



Roll up, roll up! Take on our Hillwood challenge!!!!

Week 3 of the challenge is up! This is also week 4’s as it is a big and important job! The next step is for you to actually make your ride!








At Hillwood we work hard with our parents, pupils and staff to create a warm and welcoming environment where pupils can learn and grow.  Hillwood is a fantastic place to learn and work. As a former P7 pupil said we are “A small school with a big heart!” Our school community is proud of this statement and live up to it daily. To find out more about Hillwood Primary and what is happening this term, please explore our website, follow us on Twitter @HillwoodPS or use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website to get in touch.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Carol Morwood

Head Teacher

Please scroll down to read Hillwood’s latest news!

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