Religious Observance

Although Hillwood Primary is a non-denominational school, we do observe various religious celebrations across the school year as part of our weekly assembly programme. We have welcomed Mr Wells from Ratho Parish Church and Zonya from Scripture Union to teach us about various Christian festivals and celebrations and we will be celebrating other festivals throughout the year.

Our religious observance assemblies for 2019-2020 are as follows:

  • 30th September – Rosh Hashana – Jewish festival
  • 28th October – Diwali – Hindu festival
  • 4th November – Zonya, Scripture Union
  • 2nd December – Rev Wells, Advent assembly
  • 20th December – Christmas service
  • 16th March – Zonya, Scripture Union
  • 3rd April – Rev Wells, Easter service
  • 25th May – Eid ul Fitr – Muslim festival